GogTasks v6 and newer gives you a fine-grained control over which folders you want to synchronize. This article assumes you are using Folder mode, but it also applies with some limitation to Category mode.

Sync direction

GogTasks configured in two-way folder mode synchronization
The Governing-tab of the preferences gives you the option to synchronize in only one direction. Note this setting will always trump the filtering settings you may apply in the Fitering tab.

The three options you have are:

Both ways is the default option. In this mode, changes done in Outlook and Google will be synchronized to each other, and in case of conflicts, the most recent change win.

If you select one of the other, let's take Google to Outlook as an example, any changes done in Outlook will be disregarded and overwritten by any changes done at Google. Here is a list of user actions and their consequences, which differ from the default Both ways mode:

Sync direction: Google to Outlook

Initial conditionUser actionGogTasks action
Task in both locationsDeletes at OutlookRecreates the task in Outlook
Task in both locationsChanges content at OutlookContent overwritten with content from Google
-Task created in OutlookNo action taken

The workings are similar for Outlook to Google, but in the opposite direction.


While the Governing-tab allows you to change the sync behaviour on a general level, the filtering tab allow you to set behaviour on list level. The most common use case will probably to filter out some lists that are work-related or contain sensitive information from synchronizing with Google. Still the filtering settings can also be configured so as to give single lists one-way sync behaviour while other sync both ways.

In these examples I assume you have configured Both ways synchronization in the Governing tab. I will only go into details on the List filtering. For info on Mail sync options which also are available on this tab, see the Synchronizing the Todo-bar article.

The List filtering box is split in two, with the Outlook folders to the left and the Google lists to the right. You may at any poing click Refresh to reload the list of lists from Google.

Above both lists you will find a check box which disables filtering, as in all lists are synced. This option is checked by default. To enable fine-grained list filtering, remove this check mark.

For each platform, select which lists you want to be synchronized. Checking the box next to the list name ensures that any changes done to the list or to the tasks in the list, are synchronized to the other platform. You may ask why one need to have the same list mentioned for both Outlook and Google, and the answer can be best explained in this table:
Checked for OutlookChecked for GoogleConsequence
YesYesStandard two-way synchronization
YesNoOutlook-to-Google synchronization for this list
NoYesGoogle-to-Outlook synchrnoization for thls list
NoNoList is ignored on both platforms

To illustrate with an example:

Here list Alpha is synced two-way, list Bravo is only synced to Google while list Charlie is ignored on both ends.

For lists that only exists on one platform (not yet synced), It will by default be synchronized two-way if it is checked for that platform.