Privacy policy

GogTasks communicates to internet through two services:
  1. Google Tasks Service ( - managed by Google
  2. GogTasks service ( - managed by Nilsen Labs

The information communicated with the Google Tasks Service is the task data, and this is covered by Google's privacy policies.

The GogTasks service has three main functions

  1. Verify your license key
  2. Notify of new versions of GogTasks
  3. Receive error reports

The license key verification (1) is done on a regular basis to allow for Nilsen Labs to revoke any license keys misused. In this verification process, the version of your Outlook installation is also sent. Nilsen Labs stores the verification requests in a database also as a means to monitor the active installation count. No personal information is collected by this service.

The version check service (2) is a read-only service with the single purpose of checking for new versions of GogTasks for your Outlook version.

Error reports (3) is an opt-in service that will display itself whenever an unexpected error occurs in GogTasks. The user will be presented with an error dialog with a button labeled Send error report as well as an option to be contacted by mail. If the user clicks this button, a text log will be sent to Nilsen Labs for analysis. This log contains some or all of the following information - sent encrypted over internet:

  • Your email address from the error box, if specified
  • Version of GogTasks
  • Version of Outlook
  • Name of lists affected by the sync process causing the error
  • The first five letters of any task touched in the sync process causing the error
  • Other technical data not containing any personal information such as timing information, synchronization process log, error message and program stack trace

Nilsen Labs will treat this information confidentially and will not share any of the personal information with any third party.

This privacy policy is valid for v5.7.0 of GogTasks and newer. The contents of the error report may vary for earlier versions.

Document last updated: 26th April 2013