Privacy policy

GogTasks interacts with the Google API for Tasks using OAuth 2.0 technology for authentication. Communication with this service is done though an encrypted channel (HTTPS). The tasks are copied to the Outlook local storage files in the synchronization process, and back to Google using their encrypted API. GogTasks does not have local storage on its own, but uses the storage system of Microsoft Outlook. Deleting these local storage files (.OST) will delete all locally copied Google task data. No information from your user profile is stored.

GogTasks does not send task data or data from your Google Profile over the network to any services at Nilsen Labs'. We can however send truncated, anonymized data, free from any personal information, in error reports after action from you as a user. You will be prompted with a yes/no dialog before such a report is sent. This data is used for debugging purposes by Nilsen Labs and is never shared with any third parties.

GogTasks does not have any relationship or share any data with third parties outside of Micrsoft (Outlook) and Google (the Tasks service).

Last updated: 18th of July 2019
Frode Nilsen of Nilsen Labs