Issues with Symantec/Norton anti-virus software

Lately my customers have increasingly been reporting issues with software in the Symantec-Norton anti virus suite reporting GogTasks as a potential threat. It is often tagged with the category WS.Reputation.1, which in short means GogTasks has a low score in their "crowd-based intelligence system". The same web-page describes how you can get around this barrier.

I can assure you that GogTasks does treat your private information with the utmost care - you can read about the details of how GogTasks stores the data and communicates with the outside world in the privacy policy.

This is indeed a false positive, but my attempts to convince Symantec-Norton otherwise have been futile. I have applied for white-listing but have been declined without any explanation as to why. It is then difficult for me to pursue this matter further and I will advice my customers who also use Norton Internet Security or Symantec Endpoint Protection to ignore these errors and un-quarantine / restore the DLLs by following the guide in the lower section of the WS.reputation.1-article