Version 6 released

Version 6 of GogTasks is finally released, with new features such as Folder-mode synchronization, 1-way sync and list filtering! It has been a much longer journey than I had anticipated, but I'm glad to finally have come to the point where I'm confident in releasing these new features. I hope you appreciate the improvements and continue to find good use for GogTasks.

Unfortunately with this new version I have decided to cut the rope to Outlook 2003. I will still continue to sell and give support on GogTasks for Outlook 2003, but for technical and strategic reasons I have decided to continue developing for it. GogTasks v6 is therefore only released for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010/2013.

As with any major release, there is a risk for new errors and bugs to have slipped in. I have done my best to avoid this by testing rigorously the past weeks, but if you shall experience any irregular behavior I very much appreciate to receive a mail with a heads up.

With this new version comes also a brushed up web site, as you may have noticed. I do also take feedback on this. The documentation section is revisited and should be up to date with information relevant to v6 of GogTasks.