Symantec Norton approved v6.2.2

Good news for everyone using Symantec Norton Internet Security: It looks like the problems with "WS.Reputation.1" now is gone for v6.2.2. I received this mail from them today after having done a false positive report:

Upon further analysis and investigation we have verified your submission and as such this detection will be removed from our products.

The updated detection will be distributed in the next set of virus definitions, available via LiveUpdate or from our website at

I can't guarantee that this is the end of the trouble with Anti Virus software, but I hope at least it is so for v6.2.2 of GogTasks.

Issues with Symantec/Norton anti-virus software

Lately my customers have increasingly been reporting issues with software in the Symantec-Norton anti virus suite reporting GogTasks as a potential threat. It is often tagged with the category WS.Reputation.1, which in short means GogTasks has a low score in their "crowd-based intelligence system". The same web-page describes how you can get around this barrier.

I can assure you that GogTasks does treat your private information with the utmost care - you can read about the details of how GogTasks stores the data and communicates with the outside world in the privacy policy.

This is indeed a false positive, but my attempts to convince Symantec-Norton otherwise have been futile. I have applied for white-listing but have been declined without any explanation as to why. It is then difficult for me to pursue this matter further and I will advice my customers who also use Norton Internet Security or Symantec Endpoint Protection to ignore these errors and un-quarantine / restore the DLLs by following the guide in the lower section of the WS.reputation.1-article

Version 6 released

Version 6 of GogTasks is finally released, with new features such as Folder-mode synchronization, 1-way sync and list filtering! It has been a much longer journey than I had anticipated, but I'm glad to finally have come to the point where I'm confident in releasing these new features. I hope you appreciate the improvements and continue to find good use for GogTasks.

Unfortunately with this new version I have decided to cut the rope to Outlook 2003. I will still continue to sell and give support on GogTasks for Outlook 2003, but for technical and strategic reasons I have decided to continue developing for it. GogTasks v6 is therefore only released for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010/2013.

As with any major release, there is a risk for new errors and bugs to have slipped in. I have done my best to avoid this by testing rigorously the past weeks, but if you shall experience any irregular behavior I very much appreciate to receive a mail with a heads up.

With this new version comes also a brushed up web site, as you may have noticed. I do also take feedback on this. The documentation section is revisited and should be up to date with information relevant to v6 of GogTasks.

Nilsen Nettutvikling is now Nilsen Labs

Nilsen Nettutvilkling has now changed name to Nilsen Labs. The primary email address will now be, but the old address will still reach me. the company is still a sole proprietaryship and nothing else has changed with regards to the company or its commitment to GogTasks.

The plan forward

I just thought I'd give you a little update on what I'm working on at the moment. Feedback from you guys have given me many great ideas that I want to incorporate into the software. I wish I hade more time to work on this than I have, but I do as best as I can. These are some of the features I wish to get into the software as soon as possible:

  • Support for multiple folders in Outlook
  • Support for synchronizing the ToDo-list in Outlook as tasks to Google
  • Support for multiple Gmail-accounts
  • Support for synchronizing reminders and repeat-settings of tasks to both secondary Outlook-installations and Google Tasks Organizer for Android.

Disclaimer: I wish to get these features into the software, but we'll se how easy/difficult it is when actual implementation starts.

If you have any comments on these plans or other wishes, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

New API stablizing and documentation up

With the release of GogTasks v4.3, I hope to have reached a point where the new API is now stable. Version 4.0 through 4.2.3 contained some issues with Outlook crashing due to bad error handling and some issues with the due date skipping a day, which I now have fixed. If you're still experiencing problems with the new API, don't hesitate to contact me.

As for the homepage, I have now created a new section called "Documentation" where I've collected the articles I've written sporadically throughout the last few months. I hope these articles will answer many of the questions I get from both old and new users, and I will continue to improve that page as time goes by.

GogTasks v3.0 released

I have now published v3.0 of GogTasks, which I hope to be a welcomed improvement of the software. In addition to fixing a couple of critical bugs in the trial version of GogTasks, I have implemented better feedback to the user in the synchronization process. You can now see each single action being performed by the sync engine - such as "Create task at Outlook" or "Delete list at Google". I hope this helps to improve confidence in the program for new users, as you are able to follow exactly what happens. The screen can be minimized when you no longer want the detailed feedback.

So go download v3.0!

Example of the synchronization feedback window

Google Apps account transition

For those of you who are using Goolge Apps for businesses (, you've probably received news about the so called "Transition". This affects users of GogTasks: After you've been Transitioned, you will have to change your login credentials in GogTasks to NOT use Apps. So, uncheck the "Is Google Apps account" checkbox and leave the domain field blank. This goes for both users of GogTasks for Outlook and for Windows Mobile.

All in all I think this is a good move from Google. It simplifies authentication to Google-linked services across the web including GogTasks. Read more about the Transition here.

Login error 213 fixed

Login error 213 which many people experienced is now fixed in v2.4.6 of GogTasks. If you get this error while running v2.4.3 or earlier, please upgrade to the latest version by getting the latest version from the download page

Login Error 213

To everyone who's getting "Login Error 213" when trying to synchronize as of today:

Google have done a change to their login service which broke GogTasks authentication. I am working on the issue as we speak and hope to get a new version of GogTasks out before the end of the day that solves the problem.

Sorry for the trouble.

Frode Nilsen

GogTasks for Windows Mobile discontinued

I have decided to shelve the work on GogTasks for Windows Mobile, not releasing any future updates. Version 2.5.1 will stay as the last version of the product.

The reason for this is simply that I do not have time to maintain it and that I am prioritizing the paying customers of GogTasks for Outlook. Another factor that influences my decision is that Microsoft now is focusing solely on the Windows Phone 7 platform on expence of the aging Windows Mobile 6.x platform.

If you have a modern cell phone you will still have no trouble finding an application that will allow you to view and edit Google Tasks. See the table on the front page where I've listed some examples.