Google Tasks Synchronization for Outlook

GogTasks for Outlook

GogTasks is being discontinued
  • Purchasing and downloading will be blocked as of July 1st 2020
  • Support for paying customers will be provided until Deccember 31st 2020, after which all support will be shut down.

GogTasks is a tool that synchronize Outlook tasks with Google Tasks. It may very well be the last piece of the puzzle that make your tasks available everywhere, all the time. Using Google Tasks as the center of the hub, GogTasks allows you to store your tasks in the cloud, while working with them through the rich user interface of Microsoft Outlook.

Google Tasks is chosen as the main service for the tasks because it is available on practically every platform there is - and now also Outlook:


Screenshot from GogTasks sync process

Apps on different mobile platforms

All major mobile platforms have an app that allows you to work with Google Tasks, it being iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Here is a list of applications you can use for the different platforms to help making your daily task organizing complete.

Windows 8 / RTTicki(by the GogTasks team)$2.49
WebGoogle Tasks canvas
(Can also be accessed through Gmail and Google Calendar)
Web (optimized for mobile)Mobile Google TasksN/A
 Google Tasks Organizer~$3
iPhone / iPadGoTasksFree
 GeeTasksFree/$2.99 (upgradable)
iPhone (web based)Google Tasks iPhone-optimized web interfaceN/A
Windows Phone 7 & 8 GTasks Free
SymbianNokia PC Suite / Nokia SuiteFree