Basic topics

  1. Getting started
  2. Performing a controlled test run
  3. Settings: Folder vs Category mode
  4. Settings: Filtering
  5. Synchronizing the Outlook Todo-bar
  6. Limitations and pitfalls


  1. Error "You must provide a request body (...)"
  2. I've lost my license key
  3. GogTasks does not show in the menu
  4. My tasks have been deleted! Can I get them back?
  5. If I have tasks with images or attachments, will that be synchronized to Google?
  6. None of my accounts are selectable as "Main Account"! What do I do?
  7. I'm getting error "TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED" when synchronizing.

Advanced topics

  1. Using multiple category assignment in Outlook
  2. Manual or portable installation


  1. Backing up the Outlook Datastore file


  1. GogTasks privacy policy