1. Select the same Tasks folder as you have chosen for the folder to synchronize in the settings form (red box). Also check which list name you have chosen for tasks without a category in Outlook (green box):
  2. Create a new task in Outlook by entering some text in the input field and finishing with Enter.
  3. Double click on it so that the details window appear and make sure you've cleared all categories.
  4. Click synchronize now (button in the Add-in tab for Outlook 2010 or from the Tools menu in Outlook 2007). Verify that GogTasks reports one task created at Google.
  5. Go to http://mail.google.com/tasks/canvas. Make sure you're logged in with the same Google account you use with GogTasks. Select list Default or whatever name for the list you chose in step 1 (green box). Verify that the created task appear at Google.
  6. Tick off the "Buy milk" task and create a new task "Buy bread"
  7. Click Synchronize now again in Outlook. Verify that the two changes are synchronized back