GogTasks Changelog

v6.3.6 (17th Dec 2017)

  • Fixed "Method not found"-error introduced in v6.3.4 - affected only upgrades, not fresh installs

v6.3.5 (13th Dec 2017)

  • Fixed "Method not found"-error introduced in v6.3.4. Edit: Fix did not work

v6.3.4 (10th Dec 2017)

  • Improved memory handling, which should solve OutOfMemeryException some users are experiencing

v6.3.3 (4th Dec 2017)

  • Fixed error with "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow" occuring sometimes when changing sync mode in the settings menu,.

v6.3.2 (26th Sep 2017)

  • Fixed issue with hidden options under Preferences, Filtering

v6.3.1 (25th Jun 2017)

  • Added backdoor for users experienceing UI glitch in settings dialog: Click Alt+G to open login dialog from the settings menu.

v6.3.0 (14th Jan 2017)

  • Automatically switching to serial synchronization mode if ProtocolViolationException occurs. (Win10 related)

v6.2.9 (3rd Feb 2015)

  • Option to synchronize mail-tasks only from the main account. Will improve sync speed. You find the option under Preferences > Filtering > Mail sync options.
  • WinXP compatibility mode implemented for 64 bit operating systems in an attempt to address the "arithmetic overflow" error experienced by some.
  • Fixed prerequisite reference URL's in the installation MSI

v6.2.6 (1st May 2014)

  • Fixed error where Outlook would create task instead of delete at Outlook when a task had been deleted in Outlook. Only applied for automatic background sync. Introduced in 6.2.4
  • Fixed error where GogTasks repeatedly would attempt to rename a non-renamble list in Outlook even if there was no user change.

v6.2.5 (5th April 2014)

  • Fixed newly introduced bug for users of Category Mode when creating new lists at Google
  • Fixed error occuring when changing mode between folder and category, and accepting to move tasks
  • Fixed error for users synchronizing mails as tasks that could result in "Could not find list by name(...)"-error

v6.2.4 (23th March 2014)

  • Improved interface for selecting folders for filtering. Now allowing multi-select
  • Improved memory handling - reducing memory footprint
  • New feature under advanced tab: "Wipe Outlook" - intended for use when state of tasks is corrupted at Outlook but OK at Google
  • Bug fix "Object Reference Error" when user clicking Settings within 5 seconds of Outlook startup
  • Error fix: People experiencing error "Could not find list by name (...)" should now not get that error.
  • Bug fix for case when user presses settings or sync button within 3 seconds of Outlook startup. Would cause GogTasks to crash and potentially be disabled

v6.2.3 (19th December 2013)

  • Bug fix for a case of "Object Reference Error".
  • Bug fix for a case of "Service Limit Exceeded". Not eliminated, but handled better.

v6.2.2 (29th November 2013)

  • Diverse bug fixes

v6.2.1 (18th June 2013, Outlook 2010 only)

  • Fix: Some Outlook 2010-customers experienced the Add-in to load without errors, but no buttons were created in the Add-ins tab (or the add-ins tab was missing).
  • Fix: Now performing a 3 second delayed initialization to avoid being disabled for "slow startup" in Outlook 2013. Change also applies to Outlook 2010.

v6.2.0 (4th June 2013)

  • Feature: New option "Sync on startup/resume" which will make GogTasks start synchronization each time Outlook starts or wakes from sleep, with a delay on 10 seconds.
  • Fix: Sync button would sometimes stick/stay gray after resuming from sleep.
  • Fix: Synchronization would occatinally freeze Outlook entierly when "Sync order of tasks" was enabled
  • Fix: When having two or more lists with the same name in different files/accounts, GogTasks would mix up the folders resulting in faulty synchronization.
  • Improvement: GogTasks now does not load lists from Google that is filtered out for synchronization.

v6.1.8 (11th April 2013, Outlook 2010 only)

  • Fixed build error in MSI which could cause plugin not to appear in Add-Ins tab (or the add-ins tab to appear at all)

v6.1.8 (25th March 2013, Outlook 2007 only)

  • Fixed build error in MSI which could cause plugin not to appear in menu or error with loading office.dll

v6.1.5 (26th February 2013)

  • Fix: Error "Error while attempting Other" experienced by some users
  • Fix: Error "The information store could not be opened." in final phase of synchronization.

v6.1.3 (13th February 2013)

  • Fix: "Folder to synchronize" in Preferences > Governing is now once again properly committed.
  • Fix: List of avaliable Outlook folder to select from in Category mode was filtering unecessarily strict (since v6.0)
  • Fix: Second attempt on fixing "-1 IndexOutOfRangeException" when clicking Settings form while synchronize is in progress

v6.1.1 (7th February 2013)

  • Fix: Select button for mail todo-folder in the Settings form now functions again

v6.1.0 (7th February 2013)

  • Fix: "Error while attempting Create list on 'Default'" and similar errors fixed by introducing option to select Main Account in Settings > Preferences > Governing

v6.0.4 (6th February 2013)

  • Fix: "Index -1 out of range exception" for Outlook 2007 users attempting to access settings while synchronizing
  • Fix: Object reference error experienced by some having the "Check for content duplicates" option checked
  • Fix: "Cannot determine filtering on action because entity is null".
  • Fix: "Error while attempting Create list on 'SomeListName'" experienced by some users in Category mode
  • Fix: "An error occurred in the underlying security system" exprienced by some users synchronizing emails which were encrypted
  • Attempt fix: Ordering issues for people with a large number of tasks doing manual reordering often

v6.0.2 (16th January 2013)

  • Fix: Status messages of failed actions now back in the sync progress window.

v6.0.1 (15th January 2013)

  • Fix: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" and similar errors when entering GogTasks Settings and attempting to synchronize.
  • Fix: "Cannot create StorageItem in this folder." or "You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder" when attempting to synchronize. Same source of error as the one above.
  • Fix: Outlook now does not crash if background sync times out or fails (introduced in 6.0.0).

v6.0.0 (11th January 2013)

  • Folder mode: You may now synchronize lists as folders
  • Folder/List filtering: You may now select exactly which folders to sync and not sync.
  • One-way sync: You may now opt to synchronize in only one direction
  • Support for Exchange Online server for task folders (Office 365)
  • New option "Always wait for user confirmation before committing manual sync"
  • DLL's are now digitally signed, which hopefully will reduce the issues with different Anti-Virus software regarding GogTasks as suspicious.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

v5.8.4 (8th November 2012)

  • Fix: Error occuring when reordering - "Request parameter validation failed for [Google.Apis.Requests.Request(move)...]". Introduced in v5.8.3.

v5.8.3 (25th October 2012)

  • Fix: Creation of new lists failed if old tasks were moved into it in the same process (introduced in 5.8.2)
  • Fix: Object reference error that could occur when closing settings form

v5.8.2 (23rd October 2012)

  • Fix: Status "List IDs not correct" which would appear in sync progress window is now fixed.

v5.8.1 (10th October 2012)

  • Fix: Users experiencing regular fallback to trial even when license key is ok should now not experience that.

v5.8.0 (9th October 2012)

  • Fix: Order synchronization rewritten from scratch. Now causes a lot fewer HTTP calls resulting in faster sync.
  • Fix: When user performed a delete at the same time as a change of order of tasks in Outlook, the order sync to Google would be erronous.
  • Fix: When user had a task window open and had unchanged edits, he was in risk of losing those edit if a sync started.
  • Implemented alternative auth mechanism for the users not being able to authenticate due to "Invalid authorization code entered" message. Option is available from the advanced tab.

v5.7.4 (27th September 2012)

  • Fix: Outlook 2010 Mail sync broke in v5.7.3

v5.7.3 (26th September 2012)

  • Fix: Bug introduced in 5.7.1: Last created task would not get synced from Outlook.
  • Fix: Mail tasks with > 8000 characters in body will now sync to Google with truncated body (due to limitation at Google)
  • Fix: Object reference excpeption when syncing outlook tasks without subject
  • Attempted fix: Out of memory exception when traversing mails experienced by some users

v5.7.2 (25th September 2012)

  • (Outlook 2010 only) Workaround for "System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast COM object of type (...) to UIRibbon" implemented.

v5.7.1 (24th September 2012)

  • Fix: Bug introduced in 5.7.0 fixed: Moving tasks from one synced folder to another would cause task duplication.
  • Fix: Background sync will no longer cause any open task windows to close.
  • Fix: When blanking out the notes field in Outlook, it will now properly synchronize to Google
  • Fix: More cases of "Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously" error fixed.
  • Fix: When changing list name of Todo-list folder in the GogTasks settings form, tasks will now be moved at Google instead of duplicated.

v5.7.0 (20th September 2012)

  • Fix: Items deleted (moved to trashcan) in Outlook will now not be re-deleted after undeletion
  • Vastly improved performance for users with many accounts configured in Outlook
  • Fix: When you now change folder to sync, you will once again get the dialog box allowing to automatically move the synced task to the new folder.
  • Attempted fix: "Object Reference Error" when synchronizing or entering preferences tab of settings menu experienced by a few users.
  • Attempted fix: Closing Tasks and Mails more often in sync process to avoid error "Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously" from MS Exchange.

v5.6.0 (17th August 2012)

  • Fix: Memory leak causing OutOfMemory-exceptions, which in turn caused GogTasks to disappear from the Tools menu (2007) or Add-in tab (2010)
  • Fix: When synchronizing mails as tasks when connected to an IMAP account, GogTasks will now only create one task per mail regardless of whether or not it resides in mulitple folders

v5.5.6 (6th June 2012)

  • Fix: New lines interpreted wrong in conversion from Google resulting in unneccessary updates
  • Fix: Now heeding limit of 255 characters in Outlook task name
  • Fix: Automatic parsing of authentication code now functioning again after Google changed interface.

v5.5.4 (23rd May 2012)

  • New feature: "Search for and remove duplicate tasks each sync" in the prefefrences menu. Will search for duplicates by comparing text, content, date and completion state. If two or more identical found, GogTasks will remove all but one.
  • Bug fix: Iteration of outlook folders should no longer result in "Exception from H_RESULT (...)"
  • Bug fix: Silent absolute-duplicate check fixed. This kind of duplicate check will be performed each sync regardless of the user preference "Search for and remove(...)". An absolute-duplicate means that the hidden Google ID field is also identical - occurs after a copy-paste in Outlook.
  • Bug fix: Mail tasks will now not appear as duplicate task after changing folder to sync

v5.5.0 (1 May 2012)

  • Unneccessary delete+recreate of task now not happening after moving a task to a new list.
  • Implemented configurable name for default list (tasks with no category in outlook) at Google.

v5.4.0 (27 Apr 2012)

  • Outlook 2010-version now correctly checks for prerequisite Outlook Primary Interop's when installing from Setup.exe
  • 404-related error when moving and updating a task at the same time now fixed
  • New list creation from Outlook to Google now correctly sets list Id back to Outlook, "List ID Incorrect"-message now only shows when actually incorrect.
  • Measures taken to report unhandled errors with message boxes before quitting (hopefully there are none)

v5.3.1 (10 Apr 2012)

  • GogTasks now properly heeding the limit of 8192 characters in the notes field imposed by Google
  • Fixed download link for latest version for 2007 and 2010 version of Outlook
  • Fix of rare occurance of crossThreadException

v5.3.0 (13 Mar 2012)

  • Defaulting to a maximum number of 3 simulatenous HTTP calls to reduce 503 errors and duplicate tasks
  • Detecting and warning about presence of Google Apps Sync
  • Preferred category prefixn now working properly again

v5.2.2 (26st Feb 2012)

  • Fixed problem with looping updates of tasks under Outlook 2003. Tasks that hadn't changed still were updated causing network traffic.
  • Added fallback method for license key verification using HTTP GET instead of POST, avoiding some firewall configurations.

v5.2.0 (19th Feb 2012)

  • Improved UI performance in the synchronization progress form details view
  • Fixed synchronization of task order, which has been broken since v5.0. Will prevent "object reference errors" from occuring when synchronizing.
  • Added advanced option "Use proxied license service" for those having www.gogtasks.com blocked by content filters.
  • Added fallback methods for iterating Outlook stores and folders to prevent HRESULT-errors when opening settings form-

v5.1.10 (18th Feb 2012)

  • Fixed Outlook 2003 installation package broken in v5.1.9

v5.1.9 (13th Feb 2012)

  • Automatic background sync fixed

v5.1.8 (x Feb 2012)

  • Progress bar more accurrately reflects progress.
  • Bugfix: More than 20 lists now supported.
  • Bugfix: Now not resetting sync history of tasks when moving from one folder to another. Would cause duplicate tasks
  • Bugfix: Mail tasks now synchronizes changes in due date correctly to Google
  • Bugfix: "Can not set due date before start date" fixed for mail tasks
  • Bugfix: Sync history for mail tasks now saves/loads correctly

v5.1.7 (22nd Jan 2012)

  • Bugfix: "417 expectation failed" when authenticating, experienced by some users

v5.1.6 (19th Jan 2012)

  • Attempt to fix ObjectReferenceError occuring when syncing

v5.1.5 (14th Jan 2012)

  • Added failsafe for tasks that got erronous ListId set. Could lead to 404-errors

v5.1.4 (9th Jan 2012)

  • Recurring tasks now synchronizing properly

v5.1.3 (7th Jan 2012)

  • Moving tasks between synced and non-synced Outlook folders will now not cause deletion of tasks in Outlook
  • Errors mid-sync will now not cause massive task duplication

v5.1.1 (5th Jan 2012)-

  • Advanced feature introduced: "Show detailed error dialog also for known errors"
  • Fixed malfunctioning folder-change-dialog

v5.1.0 (3rd Jan 2012)-

  • Flagged mails: Now syncs due date
  • Flagged mails: Option to sync body of mail as task details
  • Safeguard implemented: When attempting to delete more than 10 tasks, GogTasks prompts the user for action. The safeguard can be disabled from the settings menu.
  • New button "Perform test run" in the settings menu allow you to see the synchronization actions before committing.
  • Bug fix related to window state storing that could cause the sync form to be rendered outside visible screen area.


  • New option to synchronize flagged mails as tasks
  • New option to synchronize tasks in the "Completed Tasks" folder at Google
  • GogTasks now gives option to automatically rename lists at Google if duplicate names found
  • Old API removed - no longer supported
  • Separate binaries for Outlook 2007 introduced as a consequence of the changes
  • Trial mode now gives access to the full set of features.
  • Actions taken to prevent "ClassCastException" experienced by some users.

v4.5.1 (10th December 2011) Outlook 2010 only

  • Now also allows external stores to be used for sync target, including iCloud stores

v4.5.0 (9th December 2011) Outlook 2010 only

  • You may now choose which Tasks folder to synchronize at Outlook
  • Long error messages is no longer cropped
  • Recurring tasks now better supported, hence user option to check for duplicates now removed (always on)

v4.4.3 (29th October 2011) -

  • Bugfix: Object refererence error when empty list at Google fixed.

v4.4.2 (27th October 2011) -

  • Bugfix: New API now handles lists with more than 100 tasks in them.

v4.4.1 (25th October 2011) -

  • Bugfix: 404-erros now not returned when attempting to change category and content of a task at the same time
  • Bugfix: "Lists not synced" exception when deleting last task in a category from Outlook
  • Fix: Ribbon now only shows in the main Outlook form
  • Change: "Skip order synchronization" is now a default setting for new users

v4.4.0 (22th October 2011)-

  • Error 400 fixed when trying to sync a task with due date (only experienced in some regions)
  • Better support for recurring tasks by implementing the new check box "Check for and delete duplicate tasks before synchronizing". This function was always on in previous versions.
  • Fixed bug which would cause deletion of tasks when sync operation contained new outlook tasks failed.
  • Now supporting hierarchical organized tasks at Google. Task tree will not be flattened.

v4.3.1 (20th September 2011)
  • Now ignoring error 400 when attempting to delete last list at Google with new API

v4.3.0 (14th September 2011)

  • Corrrupted sync histories now fails gracefully
  • Bugfix: Outlook crashed if three consecutive attempts to perform action against new Google API failed.
  • Bugfix: Needed to restart after changing accounts in Outlook with new API.
  • Bugfix: When error occurs mid-sync, this will no longer cause duplicate tasks upon next sync

v4.2.3 (7th September 2011)

  • Fixed date error with due dates for time zones west of Greenwich
  • Fixed hangups and error message issue when proxy returns error message

v4.2 (1st September 2011)

  • Proxy configuration now working properly again for both new and old API
  • Move task to other list does now not cause duplicate (bug introduced in 4.0)
  • Task due date does now not decrease with one day after initial sync (introduced in 4.0)

v4.1 (31th August 2011)

  • License verification now working properly
  • Trial mode now working as intended after being broken in 4.0 (moved tasks from google to outlook)
  • Error message activated if any errors occur while opening settings screen

v4.0 (30th August 2011)

  • Now using OAuth 2.0 and official Google Tasks API. Benefits:
    -Better security
    -Better stability
    -Two-channel authentication supported
    -Google Apps external authentication supported
    -"Error 3" and "Error 7" hopefully eliminated
  • New option: Skip synchronization of task order

v3.2 (19th August 2011)

  • Proxy configuration now supports username, password and domain
  • ClassCastException bug fixed
  • Minor performance improvements

v3.1 (11th August 2011)

  • Reordering rewritten. Better feedback (timestamp) and error "Could not find taskItem with id (...)" eliminated.
  • BugFix: Upped time interval between license check to fifteen minutes (accidentally released check every 5 seconds in v3.0! Whoops...)
  • BugFix (possibly): Attempted to minimize number of open items at one time to prevent erroro message "Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously"

v3.0 (17th July 2011)

  • Synchronization progress window now have a "Details" button that shows exactly what actions are taken each synchronization
  • Settings window now checks for new versions of GogTasks.
  • Error report form now have checkbox to opt in to be contacted about the error
  • Fix: You are now not bothered with error messages if the connection is down and a background sync is started
  • Bug fix, Trial mode: Tasks duplicating when selecting "Default" as the list to sync
  • Bug fix: "MoveUnorderedElemet: Lists not of equal length" fixed (again).
  • Fix: Going in and out of trial mode will now not cause duplicate tasks. The drawback is that each time you revert to trial mode, you will have the non-trial-lists deleted at Google (but not in Outlook).
  • More informative error when entering wrong Google Apps Domain

v2.4.6 (17th June 2011)

  • Bug fix: Login error 213 for many users suddenly started appearing. Changed login routine to accomodate changes in Google authentication procedure.
  • Bug fix: Rare instances gave "ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary" when syncing

v2.4.3 (14th June 2011)

  • Bug fix Outlook 2003/2007: Manifest file fixed. Caused GogTask not to appear under the tools menu

v2.4.1 (11th June 2011)

  • Bug fix Outlook 2010: Automatic background synchronization fixed
  • Bug fix Outlook 2003/2007: Prerequisite VSTO 2005 now properly checked for (broken in 2.4)
  • Bug fix Outlook 2003/2007: Prerequisite VSTO 2005 now also checked for if you run the .MSI directly.

v2.4 (7th June 2011)

  • Bug fix, Trial mode: The change synced list form now include all lists always
  • Bug fix, Trial mode: Fixed error appearing when a task is moved from the synced list to a non-synced: "MoveUnorderedElemet: Lists not of equal length".

v2.3 (3rd June 2011)

  • Outlook 2010 x64 now supported.
  • Bug fix: "Start time greater than end date" will no longer appear
  • Bug fix: Error boxes could stack up when background synchronizing failed. Only one error box will now be shown at any given time.
  • Bug fix, Trial mode: "System.InvalidOperationException: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called (...)"

v2.2.0 (28th February 2011)

  • Fixed issue with menu items not being removed when uninstalling from Outlook 2007
  • You may now change the list to sync in trial mode for testing purposes.

v2.1.0 (23rd January 2011)

  • About tab implemented
  • Fixed login error 604 "Response in phase 3 unexpected" reported by some users of Google Apps accounts
  • Fixed login error "Unknown error" occuring after first failing Apps login and then switching to standard Google account.

v2.0.2 (18th January 2011)

  • Now removing synchronization history and user settings upon uninstallation
  • New feature: Wipe history under the "Advanced" tab allows the user to wipe synchronization history when things go wrong.

v2.0.1 (5th January 2011)

  • Now checking that .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 is installed when trying to sync (requirement).
  • Multiple categories now also working as intended in Outlook 2007

v2.0 (2nd January 2011)

  • Google Apps sync now working again
  • Split settings page in three tabs for better clarity
  • New option: "Delete empty list on google when last task deleted" (was previously always enforced)
  • When Google Accounts Recovery Information Prompt appears, GogTasks gives more infromative error message.
  • Multiple categories works better: Categories are not deleted from Outlook when task text updated in Google.
  • Better support for changing target Google account for synchronzization. Messagebox with wipe option will appear that enables you to copy the tasks from one account to another.
  • List names / Categories now case insensitive

v1.8.6 (9th December 2010)

  • Fixed error giving System.ArgumentException "An item with the same key has already been added."
  • First attempt on supporting multiple categories in Outlook. Probably needs some polishing before functioning well.
  • "Synchronize now" from settings page no longer closes the form, as the new menuitem introduced in 1.8.3 has taken over the role as "primary manual resync function".

v1.8.3 (28th August 2010)

  • Introduced new menu item "GogTasks Sync Now" for quicker access to manual sync

v1.8 (28th August 2010)

  • Fixed bug that caused "GTL Cookie not set"-error

v1.8 (17th August 2010)

  • Better error logging and reporting

v1.7 (28th July 2010)

  • Attempt to fix "GTL-Cookie not set"-bug

v1.6 (21th July 2010)

  • Fixed broken URL generator when attempting to sync
  • Installer now overwrites any previous version automatic
  • Q: What happened to version 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5? A: The same that happened to Larry 4.

v1.2 (20th July 2010)

  • Fixed error message popup that affected Outlook 2007-users also using Google Calendar Sync.

v1.1 (19th July 2010)

  • Support for Google Apps accounts
  • Fixed bug causing duplicated tasks when synchronizing more than 15 new tasks to Google
  • Proxy support

GogTasks for Windows Mobile

    Login procedure now updated to work against Google's change in algorithm. Error 213 should now no longer occur.

    Fixed bug introduced in 2.5 causing creation of tasks to fail

  • Starting with /BG option will launch GogTasks but minimize to background after two seconds. Useful for putting in bootup.
  • Font size now enforced in the edit task page
  • Line breaks properly displayed in edit page
  • New login code probably fixes problems for Google Apps users and other diverse login problems listed under the GogTasks for Outlook changelog.

v2.4.1 -
  • Fixed missing files in CAB causing exception at launch (introduced in v2.4)
  • Attempt to fix ParseError

v2.4 -
  • Font size setting introduced
  • Fixed icon that i broke in v2.3.1

v2.3.1 -
  • Fixed bug that caused "GTL Cookie not set"-error

v2.3.0 -
  • Better error messages and error reporting

  • Support for background syncing through the "Autosync every x minutes" setting.
  • Attempt to fix "GTL-Cookie not set"-bug

  • Fixed bug causing duplicated tasks when synchronizing more than 15 new tasks to Google

  • Support for Google Apps accounts
  • Paging support in the main task list enables loading of lists with a large numer of tasks