Note: Folder mode is recommended for most users. Category mode is mostly present in GogTasks for backwards compatibility reasons.

In Category mode, GogTasks synchronizes Outlook tasks with Google Tasks so that a Category equals a List at Google. In this mode all tasks are stored in one single Outlook Folder selected by you.

To show which category an Outlook task is member of, you must enable the Categories field. In Outlook 2007 you do this by right clicking on the header row and selecting "Field Chooser":

Outlook 2007 context menu for entering fields configuration

Next you drag-drop the "Categories" field onto the Task list header

Drag-drop the Categories field onto the header

Now in this example, the tasks are spread across two categories, which will end up as two lists at Google. To better separate the categories/lists in Outlook, I recommend sorting by the category by clicking at the header.

Tasks now sorted by category

This gives you the added benefit of being able to assign the categories to tasks simply by drag-dropping them between the regions.

After synchronization, you may verify that the synchronization went OK by going to the Google Tasks Web Canvas page. This is an example of how this would look with the tasks listed above:

Tasks at Google after synchronization

Google Tasks Canvas only shows one list at a time. To change list, click at the link in the "Task lists:"-column to the left.

Note that Outlook supports assigning multiple categories to a task. This poses an issue. See the Multiple categories article for more.

In Google Mail and Calendar, you can change the list viewed with the icon in the bottom right corner: