GogTasks for Outlook

If you do not have a license key you will be able to try the program free of charge for 30 days.

Please select link for your version of Outlook:

Please unpack and run SETUP.EXE and not GogTasks.msi in order for the prerequisites to be properly installed before GogTasks.

Windows 10 users

Make sure you have enabled the .NET 3.5 framework under "Programs and Features - Turn Windows features on and off":

You open the "Programs and features" menu by right-iclicking on the Start menu and selecting it from the popup-list - or by clicking Win+R and entering "appwiz.cpl" in the text field.

Getting started

There are several documents on the documentation section that should help you get going. As a minimum, I advice you to skim through the getting started article, performing a test run and how GogTasks handles categories and lists before your first synchronization. They are short and consise, so it shouldn't take you too long and could save you some headache.

Older versions

In the table below is a selection of previous releases of GogTasks.

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"; $link .= ""; $link .= "$formattedText "; // Add alternate link if ($doDoubleLink) { $otherVersion = $netVersion == "4.5" ? "3.5" : "4.5"; $altLink = getStandardHttpLinkToZip($oVersion, $gVersion, $otherVersion); $link .= "
-Will download .NET $netVersion-version of GogTasks. Click here to get .NET $otherVersion version instead"; } echo $link; } function getStandardHttpLinkToZip($oVersion, $gVersion, $netVersion) { $folder = getHttpFolderForZip($oVersion); if ($netVersion == "4.5") { return sprintf("%s/GogTasks%s_%s-4.5.msi", $folder, $oVersion, $gVersion); } else { return sprintf("%s/GogTasks%s_%s.zip", $folder, $oVersion, $gVersion); } } function getHttpFolderForZip($oVersion) { return sprintf("files/Outlook%s/archive", $oVersion); } ?>